1. Boeing's Board Shouldn't Escape Blame in 737 Max Scandal

    Boeing's Board Shouldn't Escape Blame in 737 Max Scandal

    This may have been overlooked, but the Boeing board of directors did Wells Fargo a big favor in 2019; it provided Wells' directors with real competition in the race for the worst failure of leadership among major American corporate boards. The failure came, of course, from an epic disaster: two crashes of Boeing's 737 Max airliners, costing the lives of 346 passengers and crew members...

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    1. If things are going badly at a company -- and it's fair to say that things are going badly at Boeing -- being a director is a more than full-time job.
    2. Investors like to see boards in crisis be more proactive and decisive, and that's not what we've seen from this board so far.
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