1. Facing Trial in Japan, Ex-Nissan Boss Ghosn Flies to Beirut

    Facing Trial in Japan, Ex-Nissan Boss Ghosn Flies to Beirut

    Former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said Tuesday he had fled to Lebanon to escape injustice in Japan, where he was on bail awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges. The auto tycoon's abrupt departure was the latest twist in a rollercoaster journey that saw him fall from boardroom to detention centre and it sparked questions over an embarrassing security lapse in Japan...

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    1. I have not fled justice -- I have escaped injustice and political persecution, freely
    2. I don't even know if we can contact him. I don't know how we will proceed beyond that.
    3. He was not supposed to leave the country. Had we known about it beforehand, we would have reported that to proper law enforcement authorities.
    4. There have been so many flight cases in 2019 by criminally accused individuals on bail and by those facing imprisonment after their crimes have been confirmed, swift and effective
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