1. Bad Blood: Years Of War Between Icahn And HP’s Law Firm

    Bad Blood: Years Of War Between Icahn And HP’s Law Firm

    If there’s a kryptonite to Carl Icahn’s super-sized persona it may be Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz – which just happens to be the law firm HP hired for its merger talks with Xerox...

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    1. In a number of high-profile situations, Wachtell Lipton has helped clients fend off Icahn, including assisting Clorox in defeating an Icahn takeover assault in 2012 and assisting Dell when Icahn unsuccessfully sought to break up a premium transaction in order to buy the company for himself in 2013.
    2. He lies, he has no ethical boundaries, he'll say anything, do anything, I have no time for him.
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