1. Cantel Appoints Karen Prange to Board of Directors

    Cantel Appoints Karen Prange to Board of Directors

    Teilen Drucken LITTLE FALLS, N.J. , Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cantel Medical Corp. (NYSE: CMD), announced today the appointment of Karen Prange to the Company's Board of Directors, bringing to the Board more than 25 years of healthcare and life sciences leadership experience. Most recently, Ms. Prange was Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Animal Health, Medical and Dental Surgical Group at Henry Schein...

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    1. I am pleased to announce Karen's election to the Cantel Board of Directors. The Board and executive leadership team welcome Karen's experience in growing diverse business segments under challenging market conditions and are confident her contributions will further advance our mission and position as the global leaders in infection prevention.
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