1. Duetto Announces Leadership Appointments

    Duetto Announces Leadership Appointments

    Supplier News 24 September 2019 Duetto Announces Leadership Appointments Barry Padgett of Stripe Joins Duetto's Board of Directors as Company Sees Record Growth and ...

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    1. Duetto's record year of 40% growth in revenue and headcount represents an exciting and evolutionary time for the company. As we enter into our next phase, now is the right time to transition leadership, and we are confident in our ability to drive Duetto forward with this impressive team.
    2. Barry has a deep connection to travel technology, having delivered best-in-class experiences for business travelers, travel managers and finance leaders around the globe. He is passionate about delivering an impactful digital transformation to hoteliers.
    3. Having spent many years promoting hospitality technology in the European market, I am extremely pleased to join Duetto, which I believe has the potential to transform the industry. I look forward to working with the EMEA team and their customers on the next phase of Duetto's growth.
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