1. Are Activist Investors Sexist?

    Are Activist Investors Sexist?

    Vicki Hollub is an engineer who spent time on three continents working her way up to the top of Occidental Petroleum Corp. She doesn't have much experience at M&A, and that has made her an easy target for critics. Her recent bid to deepen the company's bet in the red-hot Permian Basin is bold...

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    1. Ellen won the proxy fight but still her board folded like lawn furniture.
    2. Even when keeping everything equal, women are still a far more likely target.
    3. The fact is, we just don't give females as long of a leash.
    4. At the end of the day, we viewed him as free consulting.
    5. The word choice for some of the criticism would have a very gender-focused bent.
    6. I don't think they would call men buying companies a shopping spree.
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