1. Elliott Outspends Rivals as Corporate Activism Turns to Germany

    Elliott Outspends Rivals as Corporate Activism Turns to Germany

    FRANKFURT/BOSTON, July 10 (Reuters) - Elliott Management Corp has invested more than rivals in its push for corporate change so far this year and there has been an increasing focus among activist investors on German companies. Elliott, Paul Singer's $35 billion hedge fund, committed $3.4 ...

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    1. Two years ago, many German corporates did not think about activists. Now we are getting more and more calls from management teams and supervisory boards. There's a real awakening, a dramatic shift.
    2. All have been situations where there were opportunities for improvement and questions being asked about what the company can do to create value for all stakeholders.
    3. In France, our Pernod campaign immediately drew comments from the Finance Ministry about the dangers of activists.
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