1. CACI Appoints Daniels to Board

    CACI Appoints Daniels to Board

    CACI International appointed Michael A. Daniels, former chairman of Network Solutions, to the board of directors. Former Weber-Stephen Products CFO Carrie Teffner is joining PetSmart as CFO, effective June 3. Cigna promoted current Vice President of Finance Thomas A. McCarthy to CFO successor.

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    1. Ed's depth of experience, judgment, and understanding of our business strategy make him the perfect choice to lead our board.
    2. Brian is a strong leader with a passion for technology and deep understanding of the business.
    3. We are pleased to welcome Andre to DICK's Sporting Goods and look forward to leveraging his expertise in the years ahead.
    4. I am very pleased to welcome Christine to the QLogic board of directors.
    5. Stephen's wealth of leadership success in consumer, industrial, and global businesses will provide a unique and valuable perspective across AeroVironment's increasingly diverse business activities.
    6. Bill is well prepared to lead PNC and to execute the winning strategy he helped develop over the past decade.
    7. We are delighted to have Russ join our board.
    8. We are pleased to add Jack to our board of directors.
    9. On behalf of Monsanto, I am pleased to welcome Greg Boyce as an independent director to our board.
    10. Brian brings valuable strategic perspective and a strong foundation in finance, reporting and analysis gleaned from his over 20 years of business experience in public and private companies.
    11. I am delighted that the board has chosen Bharat as my successor. Years ago the board made a commitment to delivering a seamless and well planned CEO transition. Bharat brings a continuity of strategy, culture and values shared by the entire board and senior executive team.
    12. José brings significant executive leadership experience in Latin America and internationally.
    13. The automotive and industrial manufacturing insight that Tom has gained during his long and distinguished career at ITW will be of immense value to Standex as the company executes on its focused diversity strategy in the years ahead.
    14. Woody's contributions over the past five years have been crucial in helping FIS achieve its financial performance goals and deliver increased value to its shareholders.
    15. We're very pleased to welcome Doug and Henrique to our board.
    16. The primary job of our directors is to select my successor, either upon my death or disability, or when I begin to lose my marbles.
    17. Her understanding of corporate governance and financial regulation will be of great benefit to GE and its shareowners.
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