1. Ackman Threatens Fight Over United Technologies-Raytheon Deal

    Ackman Threatens Fight Over United Technologies-Raytheon Deal

    (Bloomberg) -- Bill Ackman urged United Technologies Corp. to call off its proposed takeover of Raytheon Co., vowing to oppose a deal he assailed as lacking strategic sense. The transaction will crimp United Technologies’ aerospace business and be funded by a “highly dilutive” share issuance at a time when the stock is already trading at a discount, the activist investor said in a message early on June 9 after reports of a potential deal...

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    1. We are extremely concerned about what we have read.
    2. We are confident that our shareholders will see the merits of this transaction and the value it brings to them and the company.
    3. Raytheon is a significantly inferior-quality business compared to Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney.
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