1. Fortune 500 companies increased gender diversity in 2018

    Fortune 500 companies increased gender diversity in 2018

    There's a record number of women on the boards of Fortune 500 companies. Racial and ethnic minorities, not so much. Allana Akhtar twitter Women filled 183 of the 462 open board room positions at Fortune 500 companies , according to a new report. Racially diverse candidates did not see the same gains, though. African-American candidates filled just 11% of new board seats. Greater diversity in leadership leads to fewer errors and greater innovation, according to research.

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    1. Taken as a whole, these results are encouraging, but there's still much work to be done to reach gender parity by 2023 and to create more diverse boards.
    2. Had I been more aware of how people not like me were being treated and/or had I had a more diverse leadership team or board, we may have made it a priority sooner.
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