1. Here’s One Powerful Way to Control CEO Pay

    Here’s One Powerful Way to Control CEO Pay

    Company shareholders are well-positioned to address income inequality by clamping down on sky high corporate pay, but new research says they’ll have to put their mouth where their money is. Shareholders — everyone from a retail investor with a 401(K) to asset management firms with vast pools of money — need the incentives and power to question exorbitant corporate pay in the companies where they invest money, according to a new paper from the Economic Policy Institute...

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    1. If shareholders were more concerned, and more able to flex their power, we would have less inequality.
    2. It is common for top executives at universities, foundations, and private charities to receive pay in the range of $1 million a year, and in some cases two or three times this amount.
    3. With the pay of corporate CEOs as a reference point, working for $1 million a year can even seem like a sacrifice.
    4. The problem is, it's not a competitive market.
    5. Empowering shareholders to rein in excessive CEO pay is obviously not sufficient to make for a fairer economy, but it is useful.
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