1. JPMorgan Shareholders Approve Executive Pay, With Protest

    JPMorgan Shareholders Approve Executive Pay, With Protest

    (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co said on Tuesday that only 71.64 percent of shareholder votes cast approved its executive compensation packages, marking a rare instance of criticism over the bank's top leaders pay. JPMorgan Chase also said all of its directors were elected, and that a shareholder proposal that the bank report annually on its global gender pay gap was voted down, according to preliminary tallies...

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    1. We believe our performance-based incentive programme and our balanced approach ... effectively align executive comp and shareholder value.
    2. JPMorgan has key man risk - that's you.
    3. If I was hit by that truck ... we have people who are quite capable who can run this company. There are more than one. There are several who can do it.
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