1. Symantec CEO Greg Clark Resigns

    Symantec CEO Greg Clark Resigns

    Symantec CEO Greg Clark Resigns, Ex-Novellus CEO Tapped As Interim Leader Symantec President, CEO and board member Greg Clark has stepped down from all roles effective immediately following an internal accounting probe, activist investor unrest and enterprise sales struggles...

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    1. Symantec has a significant opportunity to further enhance shareholder value by continuing to build on the leadership and momentum of both our Enterprise and Consumer Cyber Safety segments.
    2. As Symantec enters its next phase of growth and value creation, it is the right time for the Board to identify the next generation of leadership.
    3. Symantec is known for its R&D strengths, its iconic brands, and the breadth of its portfolio, and I am eager to work with the management team to drive growth across our Enterprise and Consumer segments and deliver value to our customers, partners and shareholders.
    4. During the CEO search process and beyond, we will benefit from our deep bench of leaders, including Art Gilliland and Samir Kapuria, to help maintain continuity and leadership across our Enterprise and Consumer organizations.
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