1. Energy Industry Confronts Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Allegations

    Energy Industry Confronts Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Allegations

    When Whiting Petroleum Corp. hired its chief executive in 2017, the company was unaware that allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment had been brought against him at his previous employer, according to a person familiar with his hire. Since then, Whiting has investigated the complaints against Brad Holly and told The Wall Street Journal that it is standing by its CEO, in the company's first public comments on the topic...

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    1. We appreciate your contributions and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.
    2. We found the claims deeply troubling and certainly not reflective of the environment we want to provide for our employees.
    3. I hope for significant change in our society.
    4. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment or retaliation. At Whiting, Brad Holly has been a champion of these principles, and the board remains confident in his ability to continue to lead Whiting in the future.
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