1. CEO Pay: What Was Disney’s Board Thinking?

    CEO Pay: What Was Disney’s Board Thinking?

    If you asked Disney CEO Robert Iger how 2018 went at work, he’d probably say great, given the company’s success its businesses, hot reception for the new streaming service, and Monday’s five-year high stock price. Plus, there is the $65.6 million in compensation he received over the year, according to the company’s current proxy statement. The number meant a CEO-to-median employee pay ratio of 1,424 to 1...

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    1. What on earth would be wrong with shifting some of the profits—the fruits of these employees' labor— to some folks other than those at the top?
    2. They are based on the pie-splitting mentality, that the firm is a fixed pie and anything that goes to the CEO is at the expense of workers.
    3. The important thing is if you create value, what is critical is to make sure that the value is shared with the wider world.
    4. The primary thing that they're probably considering is the value of having their CEO in that chair versus the next best person they can get in that chair.
    5. It's possible that the board is making an honest judgment of yes, that's what he's worth.
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