1. EssilorLuxottica: Shares Slump on New Tensions Within Board

    EssilorLuxottica: Shares Slump on New Tensions Within Board

    PARIS (Reuters) - EssilorLuxottica's shares slumped on Thursday on new tensions in its boardroom as the top shareholder and executive chairman accused the Franco-Italian group's executive vice chairman of a power grab. Shares in spectacles and eyewear company EssilorLuxottica were down 4.9 percent in early session trading, among the worst performers on both the Paris and broader European markets...

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    1. This declaration of internal war can only be damaging to the company.
    2. Investors continue to recognise the industrial logic behind the deal, while remaining concerned around the clear differences between the two more senior execs within the group.
    3. Understandably, the critical unknown is just how deep this fracture runs between the two parts of the enlarged group, hold
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