1. 3rd Time Lucky? Nissan Ex-Chair Ghosn Hoping for his Release

    3rd Time Lucky? Nissan Ex-Chair Ghosn Hoping for his Release

    TOKYO (AP) — The new lawyer of former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn says he believes the auto executive's latest request for release from a Japanese detention center on bail, his third, might succeed. Junichiro Hironaka said Monday that Ghosn promised to accept camera surveillance as a way to monitor his activities if he is released. He has been held since his arrest on Nov. 19. Ghosn, who says he is innocent, faces charges of falsifying financial reports and breach of trust...

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    1. We have put in a request that we believe is convincing.
    2. We grew up in Japan and have countless precious memories there as a family, so it is extremely disappointing that a long-trusted co-worker of my father's would slander him by claiming falsely that my father does not love and respect Japan. Anyone who knows my father knows that is not true.
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