1. Starboard Gauges Bristol-Myers Shareholder Support for Celgene Deal

    Starboard Gauges Bristol-Myers Shareholder Support for Celgene Deal

    (Reuters) - Activist hedge fund Starboard Value LP has asked a proxy solicitor to probe the level of support among Bristol-Myers Squibb Co shareholders for the U.S. drug maker's $74 billion (57 billion pounds) deal to buy Celgene Corp, people familiar with the matter said on Friday. The acquisition would be the biggest pharmaceuticals deal ever and would unite two major sellers of cancer drugs. Starboard has not decided whether it would oppose the Celgene deal, the sources said...

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    1. We evaluate those situations to determine whether we can have a positive impact. Bristol-Myers might fit that profile. It might not fit that profile. We haven't made that decision.
    2. Our impression from (Bristol-Myers) management's long-term focus and biopharma executive commentary is that the probability of a third party buyer for Bristol-Myers before the Celgene vote in April is very low.
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