1. Diversity in the 'Man Cave': Boardrooms Gain Women as Minorities Lag

    Diversity in the 'Man Cave': Boardrooms Gain Women as Minorities Lag

    In America's corporate boardrooms, diversity is making uneven progress - women increasingly are pulling up a chair while racial and ethnic minorities still rarely get seats at the table. Twenty-seven per cent of new directors at companies in the Russell 3000 Index were women during 2016-2018, up from 21 per cent in the previous three-year period, according to estimates by ISS Analytics in an analysis for Reuters News...

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    1. All the big holders of securities are focused on gender.
    2. If they will say no to your slate of directors, that's a problem.
    3. We believe that by putting them out there investors are better informed and can judge for themselves whether our diversity is the type that helps deliver positive performance.
    4. I no longer give much credibility to people saying they can't find who they're looking for, because I can quickly find who they're looking for
    5. When it does come time to add a new director ... it's not starting with a blank sheet of paper.
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