1. What You Need To Know About GE's New CEO

    What You Need To Know About GE's New CEO

    In 2014, Lawrence (Larry) Culp published his final shareholder letter as CEO of Danaher Corporation. It outperformed the top-ranked company in our 2014 Candor Analytics CEO survey. Why does this matter? Because on October 1, 2018, Larry Culp became the CEO of GE...

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    1. Superior free cash flow generation has been a hallmark of Danaher for more than 20 years. For nearly as long, you have trusted us to reinvest that cash… to fortify our competitive positions and drive strong sales and earnings growth. We will never take that privilege for granted.
    2. In contrast, Immelt's commentary about GE's markets in his final shareholder letters was descriptive, not active: He wrote.
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