1. In its Search for a CEO, Intel Still Hasn't Found What it's Looking For

    In its Search for a CEO, Intel Still Hasn't Found What it's Looking For

    Intel Corp. has been trying to fill the most prominent role in the $400-billion chip industry for more than six months. The company’s board still hasn’t found what it’s looking for. Intel directors have ruled out some candidates for the vacant chief executive officer post, passed up obvious ones, been rejected by some and decided to go back and re-interview others, extending the search, according to people familiar with the process...

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    1. The new CEO will have many difficult decisions to make in a short amount of time, The company can perform well in the near term due to good demand for PC and servers, but longer-term decisions and strategy need a CEO soon.
    2. They should be pushing to get a leader in place and then making decisions to give visibility to the whole company and the customer base.
    3. As a California company, Intel faces additional diversity standards that are now in place.
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