1. Activist Elliott Gets Even With Private Equity

    Activist Elliott Gets Even With Private Equity

    It came as a stinging blow for Paul Singer's Elliott Management when it lost out in a 2014 bidding war for networking equipment maker Riverbed Technology. The loss to a private equity consortium led by Thoma Bravo prompted a fundamental strategic shift at Elliott, which has in recent months started to bear fruit with a string of buyout deals by the US-based hedge fund. Elliott, which is best known for its bruising style of activism, had been putting pressure on Riverbed for more than a year...

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    1. Jesse has made a fortune pushing companies into the arms of private equity, but then the PE firms do unbelievably well. There's another chapter he's missing out on.
    2. What they haven't factored in is that you can lose a lot of money in the private stage if the asset doesn't work out.
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