1. Activist Investor Elliott Faces Hostility Over Pernod Ricard Stake

    Activist Investor Elliott Faces Hostility Over Pernod Ricard Stake

    Current and former chief executives of mining giant BHP, Dulux paints maker Akzo Nobel (Amsterdam: AKZA.AS - news ) , electronics group Samsung and the consumer goods group Nestlé will know exactly how Alexandre Ricard feels today. All have been targeted in the recent past by Elliott Advisors, the aggressive US activist investor, which on Wednesday announced it had built a stake of more than 2.5% in Pernod Ricard (TLO: RI-U.TI - news ) - the French drinks giant behind The Glenlivet scotch whisky, Jameson Irish whiskey, Ballantine's scotch whisky, Beefeater gin, Martell cognac and Kahlua liqueur - where he is chairman and......

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    1. Elliott believes operational and governance improvements would allow Pernod to unlock much of the value that the company is capable of delivering, improving the strength and sustainability of the company for all stakeholders.
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