1. Motability Firm Boss Quits After News of £2.2M Bonus

    Motability Firm Boss Quits After News of £2.2M Bonus

    The Motability scheme enables disabled people to lease adapted cars by using by their enhanced mobility disability benefits – either disability living allowance or its successor, personal independence payment. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA More The boss of the business that leases cars to people with disabilities on behalf of the Motability charity is stepping down after it emerged he is set to receive a £2.2m bonus on top of his seven-figure salary...

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    1. Motability Operations' management has performed well since 2002. However, we do think there is a difference between turning an underperforming business around and carrying out a series of important but not necessarily exceptional tasks to keep it on a road to a successful operation.
    2. To ensure that the scheme is focused on delivering better value for money we are committed to working with the charity and key stakeholders so that current and future arrangements result in improved outcomes for disabled people.
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