1. Former IDT CEO Joins Spark Connected as an Advisory Board Member

    Former IDT CEO Joins Spark Connected as an Advisory Board Member

    Spark Connected, a leading technology developer of advanced and innovative wireless power system solutions, today announced that Jeffrey McCreary has joined Spark Connected as an advisory board member. McCreary served as interim President and CEO of IDT and ISOLA during major turnaround initiatives. He is a former Senior Vice-President of Texas Instruments and managed the World-Wide Sales and Marketing organizations...

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    1. The convenience and effectiveness of wireless power makes it one of the most important technological developments in the industry.
    2. The complexity of the solutions, however, demand domain expertise and a commitment fortified by experience. The team at Spark Connected reflects these attributes and that is one of the many reasons I am pleased to join them as an advisor.
    3. On behalf of the entire organization, we warmly welcome Jeff to our advisory board.
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