1. Zuckerberg at Center of New Facebook Firestorm

    Zuckerberg at Center of New Facebook Firestorm

    Facebook’s leadership is facing a crisis following the company’s latest controversy. The past year has given ammunition to the growing number of critics worried about Facebook’s size, business model and implications for democracy...

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    1. The dominant position that Zuckerberg holds has not been helpful in steering the company over the last few years.
    2. While we were sitting across the table operating in good faith, they were trying to undermine us with anti-Semitic and anti-black tropes.
    3. As long as the users stay on board, the advertisers will allocate their ad budget towards Facebook.
    4. At its core, the company has lost the trust not only of its investors and lawmakers but of its users, and that's the death knell. That's the biggest risk to the company because that's what pays the bills.
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