1. Campbell Soup's Activist Fight Going Down to the Wire Over Two Nominees

    Campbell Soup's Activist Fight Going Down to the Wire Over Two Nominees

    Campbell Soup has pushed back against two of Third Point's nominees, former Campbell executive Bill Toler and Third Point executive Munib Islam. Third Point has nominated five executives for Campbell's board...

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    1. Given the board's subpar oversight of critical issues such as M&A and succession planning, shareholders may wonder whether the incumbent board is capable of steering Campbell back on track in a timely manner.
    2. Maintaining the dividend may prove to be the right decision, though it raises the question of whether the board, which currently includes three members of the founding family, is truly considering all options.
    3. We can only consider adding individuals who are truly open to all strategic alternatives and who are free from employment conflicts that would impair that openness or limit the ability to maintain Board confidentiality, which would exclude Third Point employees.
    4. With regard to Mr. Toler, we are very familiar with him due to his period of employment with the Company and concluded that he would not be an appropriate director.
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