1. Shell, Total Are Big Oil Standouts as Investors Can Track Carbon

    Shell, Total Are Big Oil Standouts as Investors Can Track Carbon

    (Bloomberg) -- Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Total SA are the only companies among the 10 biggest oil and gas producers in the world which disclose how their carbon emissions will decline over time, according to the first analysis of its kind by managers overseeing more than $9 trillion of funds. The Anglo-Dutch and French majors are the only companies among Big Oil to have set long-term plans to significantly reduce their carbon intensity -- or the level of emissions per unit of energy produced...

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    1. TPI research raises very important questions about how investors such as ourselves view oil & gas companies.
    2. TPI gives us a tool that helps us cut through all the material out there to understand which companies are basically positioning themselves to manage the transition to a low-carbon economy and therefore reduce our risk.
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