1. Ashland Investor Nominates Four to Chemical Maker's Board -

    Ashland Investor Nominates Four to Chemical Maker's Board -

    (Bloomberg) -- Activist investor Cruiser Capital Advisors is nominating four directors to the board of Ashland Global Holdings Inc. to oversee its shift to a pure-play chemical company. The New York-based investment firm, which holds 2.3 percent of Ashland’s shares, said the nominees would be in a position to help the company address challenges including growing the business, cutting costs and addressing capital allocation and merger and acquisitions needs...

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    1. The board regularly takes steps to refresh and strengthen its composition to ensure it has the right mix of experience and capabilities to maximize Ashland's full growth potential and deliver long-term stockholder value.
    2. Each of these highly qualified executives has extensive management experience, and demonstrated skills in business leadership and strategy, which qualify them to serve on the company's board of directors.
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