1. A Crazy Final Week of September has Already Seen Mergers Worth $60 Billion

    A Crazy Final Week of September has Already Seen Mergers Worth $60 Billion
    • September has seen a flurry of activity in mergers and acquisitions with four major deals announced over the past week.
    • Comcast won a bidding war for Sky, miner Randgold Resources was bought by Barrick Gold, Michael Kors picked up Versace, and Pandora was purchased by Sirius XM.
    • The combined deals are worth more than $60 billion.
    • "September can always be a big month for deals," Ben Kelly, a merger arbitrage analyst at Louis Capital, told Business Insider on Tuesday...
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    1. This acquisition will allow us to quickly, efficiently and meaningfully increase our customer base and expand internationally.
    2. Our industry has been criticised for its short-term focus, undisciplined growth and poor returns on invested capital.
    3. We are excited to have Versace as part of our family of luxury brands, and we are committed to investing in its growth.
    4. September can always be a big month for deals as projects that were put on hold, or were having finishing touches put on them over the Summer break get the sign-off from key decision makers coming back from their holidays.
    5. Now we have Brexit approaching an end-game and acquirers are happy to take advantage of weak GBP to pick up assets.
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