1. Philip Morris Promotes COO to CEO

    Philip Morris Promotes COO to CEO

    Philip Morris appointed COO André Calantzopoulos to the CEO position effective as of the company's annual meeting on May 8. Former Treasury Secretary John Snow is joining the Lender Processing Services board of directors. Molina Healthcare elected Steven James, Dale Wolf, and Daniel Cooperman to the board.

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    1. We are fortunate to have John as a member of the board.
    2. The primary job of our directors is to select my successor, either upon my death or disability, or when I begin to lose my marbles.
    3. The appointment of Mr. Zwirn adds further depth and focused experience to the MEMC Board of Directors.
    4. John is an exceptional executive and proven leader. I am thrilled that he will succeed me as CEO and I look forward to the company's continued success under his leadership.
    5. Martin's vast experience and insight in both digital publishing and online advertising will give us a significant advantage as we scale our affiliate network of online publishers looking to grow and diversify their ad revenue by leveraging recruitment advertising.
    6. Dan's work has put him on the frontline of healthcare policy and business.
    7. We are thrilled that Robert has agreed to join the Dean Foods board.
    8. This transition in leadership marks an end to our significant restructuring that began in December of 2010, and the company once again has a firm foundation. We want to thank Mark for his leadership and efforts in driving the restructuring and the refocusing of the business.
    9. We are extremely pleased that Mike Ullman has joined our board of directors. His exceptional retail and luxury goods experience and his strategic business background will make him an outstanding contributor to our board.
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