1. Qantas (ASX: Qan) Boss Takes Pay Cut to $10.9 Million

    Qantas (ASX: Qan) Boss Takes Pay Cut to $10.9 Million

    Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce was paid $10.9 million last financial year, helped by share price gains and long-term bonus payments, after the airline's record-breaking profit. The pay packet is several million dollars more than that of any of the big four bank chiefs in the latest year, but is still 56 per cent below the $24.6 million paid to Mr Joyce i n 2017, when he reaped the benefits of bonus payments linked to the airline's turnaround and a surging share price. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce ...

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    1. The board looks at several factors when determining executive bonuses, including safety, customer satisfaction, financial metrics and long-term share price performance. The executive team, led by Alan, did an outstanding job on achieving the group's key objectives.
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