1. IRS Guidance on Exec Comp Changes Falls Short

    IRS Guidance on Exec Comp Changes Falls Short

    However, the guidance “doesn’t really address a lot of the meaty issues,” says Andrew Liazos, leader of the executive compensation group for law firm McDermott Will & Emery. It’s expected that regulations eventually will be proposed to fill the gaps, but “that will take awhile,” laments Liazos, who posted a summary analysis of the guidance on Thursday...

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    1. Virtually no contracts have that kind of minimum payment.
    2. That leaves out everything else that could be changed within these contracts.
    3. You might have 10% of your work force in these plans.
    4. In many cases, it's not unreasonable to assume that they took positions that were more aggressive than what's listed in this IRS notice.
    5. There may be deferred tax assets on the balance sheet that they'll now have to write down in light of the guidance.
    6. There will surely be plaintiffs' lawyers filing strike lawsuits, saying shareholders are bearing outrageous costs that the board didn't even consider.
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