1. Broadridge Adds Markus to Board

    Bank of the West COO Maura Markus is joining the Broadridge Financial Solutions board of directors. Checkpoint Systems appointed Marc T. Giles, Gerber Scientific COO and executive board member, to the board. Digital River named David C. Dobson CEO and director.

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    1. Martha's experience with sensors and control systems and the many ways they can be used to improve lives will be invaluable to Avery Dennison as we advance the use of RFID and other information technologies.
    2. Jack Taylor's leadership and extensive experience in public accounting enhances the depth of our board.
    3. Steve is nationally recognized as a leading financial expert with extensive knowledge of mortgage finance and the capital markets.
    4. This transition in leadership marks an end to our significant restructuring that began in December of 2010, and the company once again has a firm foundation. We want to thank Mark for his leadership and efforts in driving the restructuring and the refocusing of the business.
    5. We are extremely pleased that Mike Ullman has joined our board of directors. His exceptional retail and luxury goods experience and his strategic business background will make him an outstanding contributor to our board.
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