1. Cigna’s Express Scripts Deal Could Lead to Higher Prices for Consumers

    Cigna’s Express Scripts Deal Could Lead to Higher Prices for Consumers

    In an open letter released Tuesday, Carl Icahn has taken issue with Cigna’s planned acquisition of pharmacy-benefits manager Express Scripts Holding Company. The billionaire activist shareholder called the price tag “ridiculous.” But critics say consumers could also end up overpaying if the deal goes through. Cigna CI, +0.97% announced in March that it planned to purchase Express Scripts ESRX, +1.69% for $54 billion in cash and stock. The deal has a total transaction value of $67 billion...

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    1. We strongly believe the combination of Cigna, a health services company, and Express Scripts, a pharmacy services company, will drive greater affordability.
    2. The PBM industry was born because this is a terrible idea.
    3. The AMA will continue to strongly encourage rigorous review of the proposed mergers by state and federal officials to determine if the ramifications of these deals will further restrict access and choice, raise prices and reduce quality care for patients, and avoid harm through further decline in competition.
    4. In health care, consolidation has not lowered costs.
    5. They will be much more able to tell what works and what doesn't.
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