1. As Hedge Funds Swarm, Denver Post Leads Revolt Against 'Vulture Capitalists'

    As Hedge Funds Swarm, Denver Post Leads Revolt Against 'Vulture Capitalists'

    Hedge funds and private equity firms have swooped in to replace traditional media management companies, prompting fears these owners' profit-first management styles have damaged their civic duty...

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    1. Everybody has to do more for less and there are some things we've just had to let go.
    2. Parts of the media and entertainment industry have not moved at the necessary pace to keep up with the disruption occurring in the industry.
    3. There is something sad about what's happening with news.
    4. The fates of newspapers and communities are inherently linked. If one fails, the other suffers. Therefore, it matters who owns the local newspaper because the decisions owners make affect the health and vitality of the community.
    5. Digital is the future, so everybody runs as fast as they can, and are dropping print dollars in the process. That is artificial advancement. It was nice to be able to break away from that and see what we can do.
    6. We are always waiting for bad news.
    7. I worry the economy will sour and Alden will ramp up its cutting mission. Then the readers will have no reason to support us anymore and the paper will die.
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