1. Frustrated With Facebook, Google, Tesla? So Are Their Shareholders

    Frustrated With Facebook, Google, Tesla? So Are Their Shareholders

    Facebook, Google and Tesla shareholders have something in common: They’re not happy with management. In the past week, the three companies’ investors shot down shareholder proposals seeking more accountability from the companies and their leaders. All three companies’ founders own considerable stakes in each of the companies they founded — or have outsize influence — so shareholder proposals are usually an exercise in futility. That may not be unique in the business world...

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    1. Diversity and inclusion activities by individual contributors and managers alike — including mentorship, outreach, and community building — have been met with a disorganized array of responses, including formal reprimand.
    2. Despite strong urging from the company to reject each and every one of these proposals, nearly half of independent shareholders supported two proposals for stronger governance and content management, demonstrating just how out of sync CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team are with the average investor.
    3. Outside investors can — and will — keep up the pressure.
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