1. Saks Appoints Ullman to Board

    Saks Appoints Ullman to Board
    Saks Incorporated appointed Myron E. (Mike) Ullman III to the board and its audit and corporate governance committees. Nora M. Denzel, former senior vice president of big data, marketing and social at Intuit, will join the Coinstar board.
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    1. We are extremely pleased that Mike Ullman has joined our board of directors. His exceptional retail and luxury goods experience and his strategic business background will make him an outstanding contributor to our board.
    2. Tony is a strong addition to the Exelon board of directors, and we look forward to working with him.
    3. Jim has a great track record of managing global businesses.
    4. The board welcomes the extensive expertise and judgment Arnold and Lionel bring.
    5. Dave is a highly accomplished leader who brings to our board both strategic vision and a track record of significant operating results achieved over more than 30 years in the technology services industry.
    6. I am eager to assume the role of chairman for Diebold.
    7. We are very pleased to have Sandra and Steve join our board.
    8. Aylwin is an established leader in the retail consumer space, with a history of successfully running highly recognizable brands.
    9. Mike brings significant expertise in finance, operations, strategic planning and business development to our board.
    10. Max is someone I've admired throughout my career for his phenomenal sense for great products and keen focus on user experiences.
    11. Bob is a proven leader with an exceptional track record of success, and we are fortunate to have a pharmaceutical executive with such a wealth of experience join our board of directors.
    12. We are delighted that Christopher Thompson is joining our board. Mining and minerals is a market in which Jacobs continues to expand globally, and we greatly value Christopher's extensive accomplishments and expertise in this area.
    13. Marianne Lake is an outstanding choice for this critically important role, she has developed an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience in finance across both our wholesale and our consumer businesses — in the United States and around the world.
    14. In her year-and-a-half as CEO, Debbie Reed has helped Sempra Energy become a top performer in our industry.
    15. Anyone who has spent time working to turn a company around knows that few things matter more than having a world-class CFO who also has deep operational experience. Sharon is just that person.
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