1. Mondelez To Acquire Tate's Bake Shop For Premium Cookies

    Mondelez To Acquire Tate's Bake Shop For Premium Cookies

    Quick Take Mondelez International ( MDLZ ) has announced an agreement to acquire Tate’s Bake Shop for approximately $500 million. Tate’s has developed proprietary ‘thin-and-crispy’ cookies and other baked goods. MDLZ is acquiring Tate’s to launch a premium cookie segment and views Tate’s as having a ‘strong founder story’ while it has ‘cultivated a devoted consumer following across the country.’ Management will need to increase its pace to refresh its aging portfolio of brands if it wants to regain market share and mindshare. Target Company Long Island, New York-based Tate’s was founded in 2000 by Kathleen King ...

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