1. U.S. Hedge Fund Elliott Amps up Campaigns in Europe

    U.S. Hedge Fund Elliott Amps up Campaigns in Europe

    May 3 (Reuters) - U.S. hedge fund Elliott is stepping up its activities in Europe, a Reuters review of data shows, as it sees more opportunities to unlock value for shareholders by pushing through management changes, company break-ups and merger deals. Filings with regulators show that eight of Paul Elliott Singer’s activist fund’s 15 ...

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    1. I think it's a concerted effort that there is too much money to be made here and (they're) not going to be deterred by the structural or cultural defenses (anymore).
    2. I think that Elliott - given their size, their relative aggressiveness versus other activists – are saying we've got the capital, we've got the patience that's necessary and we're going to try to now unlock Europe.
    3. Our activity in Europe is not a specific strategy shift. It's just a function of the way this market is growing.
    4. Corporate constitutions in some European jurisdictions can make it more difficult to yield the right results for activist investors versus the U.S., but for Elliott they know the vagaries of European corporate laws and defense tactics very well.
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