1. NewStore Appoints Two Retail Icons to its Board of Directors

    NewStore Appoints Two Retail Icons to its Board of Directors

    Formerly, Ms. Meyrowitz served on the Staples, Inc., Amscan Holdings, Inc., and the Yankee Candle Company Boards. Currently, she sits on several Advisory Boards . She has been recognized as Fortune's Business Person of the Year and was among their Most Powerful Women listing in 2015...

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    1. I firmly believe that retail success is driven by a deep understanding of consumers and their relationship to brands.
    2. At Victoria's Secret, we created an emotional experience that captivated women around the world. We understood that successful retail is about delivering meaningful connections.
    3. Carol and Sharen add unparalleled retail experience to NewStore. Our Board contains the best minds in the industry, helping us to better understand and serve our customers.
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