1. Monotype Appoints New Board Members, Names New Chair

    Monotype Appoints New Board Members, Names New Chair

    WOBURN, Mass.- Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today announced that the company has appointed Eileen Campbell and Denise Warren as new independent directors, effective immediately. Additionally, Pamela Lenehan will be named Chair of the Board, replacing Robert Lentz, who has resigned from the Board and will step down as Chair, effective following the Company’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders...

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    1. We're thrilled to welcome Eileen and Denise to the Monotype board, as they both bring extensive experience that aligns with our goal of serving the design and marketing needs of the world's largest brands.
    2. As we continue our focus on growth and margin expansion, Pam was the obvious choice to lead the board of directors. Her deep understanding of financial systems and markets, combined with her extensive board experience, make her the ideal chair for Monotype.
    3. Bob has been a member of our board for 10 years and has served as chairman since 2014. Doug, one of the company's co-founders, has served on the board since 2004. Both have had a significant impact on Monotype.
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