1. Activist CIAM Says Ahold's 'Poison Pill' Unfair for Investors

    Activist CIAM Says Ahold's 'Poison Pill' Unfair for Investors

    LONDON, AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Activist investor CIAM has criticized plans by Dutch food and retail group Ahold Delhaize ( AD.AS ) to renew a governance structure that it said acts as a “poison pill” to potential suitors and has served to keep its share price depressed. FILE PHOTO: Ahold Delhaize CEO Dick Boer at the Ahold Delhaize headquarters in Zaanstad, Netherlands, December 5, 2017...

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    1. Anything that looks like a poison pill is a problem of governance.
    2. ValuingĀ a transparent approach to our shareholders, we have put the item on the agenda for discussion at the upcoming AGM.
    3. For us there is undervaluation because of the stichting.
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