1. Former TD Exec Tom Bradley Lands on Fintech Board

    Former TD Exec Tom Bradley Lands on Fintech Board

    Mr. Bradley, 55, who spent 31 years at TD and remains under a non-compete agreement through this month, said his near-term plans will be along the lines of what he is doing as a paid advisory board member to MaxMyInterest. "I'm not making any decisions on any major moves this year," he said...

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    1. We're very excited about Tom joining the advisory board. We've been considering the idea of adding a board member to focus on the financial advisory space for about a year now.
    2. As yields continue to rise, and suddenly the return on cash actually matters again, I suspect there will be a growing interest amongst advisers in services like MaxMyInterest, to help clients maximize the yield on their cash positions.
    3. It suggests to me that MaxMyInterest remains very interested in figuring out how to better integrate their solution with RIA custodians to help advisers.
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