1. Are Female-Led Companies the Answer to Sexual Misconduct?

    Are Female-Led Companies the Answer to Sexual Misconduct?

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Weinstein Co. thought it had found a path to survival. A group of investors led by a respected businesswoman offered to acquire the company, rebrand it and install a female-led board of directors . It was an eye-catching idea in a country where men dominate corporate boards in ...

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    1. Just having a female-led board is not enough of a solution. You need to disrupt the disease within the culture and that is an entire ecosystem change.
    2. There are layers upon layers of complications that are necessary to be able to unpack whether this is an environment where women can thrive.
    3. I just can't imagine a board that was female-led, where women were able to manage management, allowing this sort of misogynistic conduct to have gone on.
    4. What were their plans for an independent investigation?
    5. When I saw this deal going down and no one reached out to me, I thought, either they don't have competent lawyers, or this is a show.
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