1. Apple Shareholders Just gave a Huge Vote of Confidence to Tim Cook (AAPL)

    Apple Shareholders Just gave a Huge Vote of Confidence to Tim Cook (AAPL)


    • Apple held its annual shareholder's meeting at its new California headquarters on Tuesday.
    • Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed investing in the US but provided no details.
    • Shareholders voted to approve all the board members for new terms, and voted against shareholder proposals seeking to make Apple form a human rights committee and to make it easier for shareholders to nominate their own slates of board directors...
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    1. We just finished our best quarter ever in the history of the company.
    2. We're going to pay $38 billion more in taxes, we could've left it were it was and not paid. We want to pay and for wanting to pay we'd like to use the residual profits to invest in this country.
    3. The problem with opening up the main facility for tours is we have so much confidential stuff around and keeping stuff confidential is the bane of my existence now.
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