1. Avery Dennison Adds Director

    Avery Dennison Adds Director

    Avery Dennison elected Anthony K. Anderson, retired Ernst & Young vice chairman and managing partner of the Midwest region, to the board. Former BJ Services Vice President and General Counsel Margaret B. Shannon is joining the Quanta Services board of directors.

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    1. Tony Anderson's deep financial expertise and extensive experience advising multinational businesses will serve Avery Dennison well.
    2. Kathee Tesija brings to Verizon her valuable consumer insight as well as significant experience in managing the complex, large-scale, global retail functions of merchandising and supply chain.
    3. Bob is a proven leader with an exceptional track record of success, and we are fortunate to have a pharmaceutical executive with such a wealth of experience join our board of directors.
    4. We welcome Rudy Mazzocchi to our board of directors.
    5. Marianne Lake is an outstanding choice for this critically important role, she has developed an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience in finance across both our wholesale and our consumer businesses — in the United States and around the world.
    6. We are pleased that Julie has joined our Board of Directors. She brings to the board, among other skills and qualifications, manufacturing and technical expertise, management and information technology experience, and leadership in product safety initiatives from her roles in the management of a number of different 3M departments and divisions.
    7. In her year-and-a-half as CEO, Debbie Reed has helped Sempra Energy become a top performer in our industry.
    8. Anyone who has spent time working to turn a company around knows that few things matter more than having a world-class CFO who also has deep operational experience. Sharon is just that person.
    9. Mary's more than 30 years of experience leading operating units of some of the world's most well-respected companies will be a real asset to Kellogg.
    10. Mike is a dynamic leader, and having him at the helm for the long-term is exactly what Boston Scientific needs.
    11. Dawn's unique experience serving as both a board member and operator for media, technology and retail brands makes her a natural fit for the AOL board.
    12. Andrea Ayers has a track record of success and growth in this industry that dates back more than 20 years.
    13. Our CFO will be the single point of coordination for financial and risk-related activities across our organization, and Cheryl is the perfect choice to lead this important task.
    14. Tricia has broad-based managerial, human resources and corporate governance experience.
    15. Mark's contributions and accomplishments over the last seventeen years have been an instrumental part of the growth of Fossil. We look forward to Mark taking a new role as a Fossil board member.
    16. We are delighted to have George Mattson join the board of directors.
    17. We are extremely pleased to have Tapiero join our board. His broad business experience and extensive global background will bring our board meaningful insight and expertise as we continue the global growth of our business.
    18. Ken is one of the most accomplished and respected financial executives in the technology industry having served as a CFO for more than 25 years, and we're thrilled to have him join Yahoo!.
    19. We are pleased to welcome Chuck to Avon's board, An accomplished executive with extensive senior leadership background, he has a wealth of experience that will benefit the company as we work toward a turnaround.
    20. We are thrilled to welcome Hugh to the AOL board, Hugh's financial expertise and consumer industry experience makes him a great addition to the board.
    21. Alex Pinchev is an experienced and dynamic IT executive with a very successful track record as a global sales leader, He also brings the insights gained from serving as CEO and senior executive for several IT companies.
    22. His knowledge of our business, proven ability to partner with our operators, and his commitment to integrity in financial reporting and accounting control systems exemplify our values.
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