1. Brexit ‘Making UK More Attractive’ to Investors

    Brexit ‘Making UK More Attractive’ to Investors

    Brexit ‘making UK more attractive’ to investors Depressed valuations leading to more investment, says Cevian co-founder about 3 hours ago Brexit ‘probably more a positive than a negative’, said Christer Gardell. Brexit is making the UK more attractive to investors by depressing valuations, according to Europe’s largest activist shareholder, flush with cash from the sector’s biggest-ever exit...

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    1. We really like the UK market. We like the corporate governance, the rational behaviour of corporate boards. For us, Brexit is probably more a positive than a negative. Investors tend to exaggerate the threat.
    2. The elimination of conglomerates is something that will happen with an enormous force over the next five years. The mothers of all conglomerates - Siemens and GE - are demerging. When those two companies are joining the trend, there is no way anyone else can defend conglomerate structures.
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