1. Hunter Harrison’s Death Leaves CSX’s Transformation in Question

    Hunter Harrison’s Death Leaves CSX’s Transformation in Question

    With CEO Hunter Harrison’s death on Saturday , CSX Corp. lost the counsel of a railroading legend who added almost $17 billion in value in less than a year. Now, acting chief executive officer Jim Foote will have to prove to investors that Harrison’s rapid transformation of CSX was deep enough to deliver lasting efficiency and profit...

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    1. You brought in the post-revolutionaries before the revolution was done.
    2. The hard part is already done — it's really about fine-tuning and execution going forward, Jim Foote knows what he's doing. He's experienced and familiar with precision railroading.
    3. We do not view this as a long-term solution for the company and expect the Board to start looking inside and outside the organization for a long term successor to Harrison.
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