1. Bill Ackman Is Watching for These Six Washington Policies

    Bill Ackman Is Watching for These Six Washington Policies

    From tax reform to shareholder proposals, a lot is going on on Capitol Hill and at the nation's securities regulator that will impact embattled billionaire Bill Ackman and other activist investors in the months to come. We took a look at the top six Washington issues facing insurgent managers here. 1...

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    1. Activist hedge funds by nature need to be able to retain the ability to cut and run if need be.
    2. The corporate voting mechanism is one of the least democratic voting systems in the world.
    3. If you have one person acting alone at 4% they don't have to tell you they are investing, but when they go over the threshold they have to tell you.
    4. In the 2017 proxy season, retail shareholders beneficially-owned 30% of the shares in U.S. public companies; however, only 29% of those shares voted.
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